Crave Tickets is a local and national nightlife media, marketing and events company. Crave Tickets presents a way of life through a website, an event network, a blogosphere and social community. We have been known since 2000 as a trusted guide serving up night/life/style content for our information-seeking customers. Our recent launch of “the NEW Crave” website, with an expanded menu of services and more content, has been highly acclaimed and attracting new visitors and subscribers daily. Crave Tickets readers are young, single, affluent professionals with an appetite for the new and different. They wish to be in the know on where to go – a sociable bar or high intensity nightclub – and they want to keep current on the latest trends and happenings in the culinary, fashion, music, gossip, and nightlife worlds. A job or internship with Crave Tickets represents a major opportunity to gain knowledge and experience through assigned tasks and networking with the right people. Whether your interests lie with marketing, public relations, editorial, sales, visuals or events – Crave Tickets will present you with an interactive position on the new and the now in terms of lifestyle branding across the United States. If you would like to learn more about opportunities with Crave Tickets, please click on the positions to the right.