Ticket Types

What is an All Access ticket?
An All Access ticket gives you admission to multiple events either on the same day or over a few days. This ticket would include no cover charge at participating venues and food or drink specials that are being offered at each venue. Please see ticket details.

Delivery Methods & Lost/Damaged Tickets

What is Will Call?
The term "Will Call" refers to a list of ticket purchases that is held at each Registration Spot. Your name will only appear on the Will Call list at the Registration Spot that you selected when purchasing your ticket. The day of the event you must arrive with a valid photo ID and the credit card you used to make your ticket purchase. The Event Manager will ask you for your signature on the Will Call list. Only the ticket purchaser will be able to sign for the tickets.
What is an E-Ticket?
Rather than being shipped or picking up your physical ticket from our Ticket Pick-Up Center, we offer the option to print an e-ticket. Your e-ticket will be emailed to you after making your ticket purchase online. On the day of the event bring your email e-ticket confirmation to your chosen Registration Spot.
Do I need ID to pick up my tickets?
If you chose Will Call as your delivery method, you must arrive at your chosen Registration Spot with a valid photo ID and the credit card you used to make your ticket purchase. The Event Manager will ask you for your signature on the Will Call list. Only the ticket purchaser will be able to sign for the tickets.

Ticket Prices & Payment

Are tickets refundable?
Similar to a concert ticket or ticket to a Broadway show, your ticket is non-refundable and is charged to your credit card at the point of sale when you submit your order.
Why are ticket prices increasing?
When tickets are initially listed for sale, we price them at a discounted rate, similar to a concert or airline ticket. As more tickets are sold and we grow closer to the event, the demand for and prices of tickets rise. We always encourage our customers to purchase tickets in advance and take advantage of best prices.
If I purchased my ticket at one price and my friend goes to purchase the same ticket and price is higher, can they purchase their ticket at the same price that I did?
Tickets can only be purchased at the current price they are being sold for.


Do I need photo ID for admission?
Yes. Be prepared to show photo ID. Be prepared to have to show ID even if you think you look your age. No one under 21 will be admitted to events that have a 21+ age requirement. Valid forms of photo ID include state of federal issued IDs. Your ID must be accepted by both the Liquor Authority of that state and the security of the venue.
If I cannot attend, can someone else go in my place?
If you chose E-Ticket as your delivery method, you may print out your e-ticket and offer it to a friend if you cannot attend. If your chose Will Call as your delivery method, the ticket purchaser will need to show valid photo ID and the credit card used when making the purchase in order to sign for the tickets.
Do I have to pay cover at each bar?
Our bar crawl ticket entitles you to free admission at each participating bar during the designated hours. Once you register at your chosen Registration Spot you will receive an official BarCrawls.com wristband. By wearing your official BarCrawls.com wristband you can avoid cover chargers at all participating bars on the crawl!
Does the wristband allow me to cut lines?
The BarCrawls.com wristband includes no cover charge at participating bars during the designated hours as well as food and drink specials (where applicable), but does not allow you to cut lines. Each venue will have one line for all customers to enter, unless noted otherwise.

Attire & Coat Check

How should I dress?
Leave your formal gown and sport coat at home. Dress code for all bar crawls is relaxed and fancy-free. However, if you are attending a themed crawl, costume is suggested.

Food & Beverage (Open Bar & Bottle Service)

Will food be served?
Food specials will be available at some of our participating bars. Details are posted on the website and will be available at your Registration Spot. Food can also be purchased from a participating bar which has light and full menus available.
What are drink specials?
Drink specials refer to discounts on domestic drafts, well drinks and shots offered during a specified time to our crawlers. Specials will vary by time and location. Drink special details are available at your Registration Spot on your BarCrawls.com map when you start crawlin’.

Food & Beverage (Food and Drink Specials)

What kind of music is played?
Music will vary per bar. Each bar has its own music system ranging from live DJ to iPod to live band.


Is transportation provided?
Some bar crawls will include a shuttle bus – please see event details. Most of our crawl locations include bars that are all within walking distance of each other!


What is a bar crawl?
A bar crawl is a social event held at multiple bars during happy hours, on special holidays or on any given day. It is a non-stop party where you can travel from bar-to-bar enjoying drink specials at each bar location. A bar crawl is a great opportunity to congregate with friends and experience not just one party, but many parties.
What is a registration spot?
On the day of the crawl check in at your Registration Spot first to receive your BarCrawls.com wristband, cup, and map. You will check in by Will Call list or E-ticket, depending on the delivery method you chose during the ticket purchase process. Once you receive your crawl "goodies" you're set to crawl!
Is there a specific crawl route?
There is no specified crawl route; it is completely up to you to choose where you’d like to crawl! Use your BarCrawls.com map to determine your route and crawl bar to bar with your friends enjoying great drink specials. If one bar is full, no worries, there are plenty to choose from on the map - keep crawlin'!
What does my ticket include?
Your ticket includes: No cover charges at participating locations during specified hours, the official BarCrawls.com wristband, cup, and map. Depending on the crawl, there may be complimentary swag available (limited quantities.) BarCrawls.com swag is not included in your ticket price.
What does the map entail?
Your customized BarCrawls.com map will list all participating venues and addresses, hours of participation, Registration Spots, Registration hours, food and drink specials, and hours that specials are available. You will receive the map at your Registration Spot.
What if I lose my wristband and/or my cup?
If you lose your wristband or cup it is no different than losing an entry ticket to a concert or event. If you wish to continue crawling, you must purchase a replacement wristband or cup at one of the Registration Spots. We strongly recommend that you guard your wristband and cup in order to ensure entry to each participating bar without paying the cover and eligibility to receive all drink specials.
Can I pick up a wristband for my friend?
All Will Call customers will need to show valid photo ID and the credit card used at the time of purchase in order to register for our crawl. Customers are allowed to register and sign for tickets that were purchased using their credit card only. For example, if you purchased eight tickets on your credit card, you can pick up all eight wristbands and cups. You are not authorized to pick up your friend’s wristband/cup if their ticket was purchased under a different card other than your own.
Why should I purchase tickets from this website?
The BarCrawls.com team is dedicated to organizing bar crawls in major U.S. cities like yours, offering you drink specials at the best bars in your area. We keep things interesting by coming up with fun, entertainment-driven crawls throughout the year for various occasions such as St. Patrick's Day, Cinco De Mayo, Halloween, and Christmas. Furthermore, the best ticket prices are available for purchase online prior to the crawl. However, unless sold out, tickets will be available on the day of the crawl at the registration sites.
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