Table Service & Seating

Ticket Types

What is a Seated VIP ticket?
A Seated VIP ticket guarantees a single seat for the individual ticket purchaser. The Seated VIP ticket holder must get their drinks at the open bar. There are no bottle or cocktail services for Seated VIP ticket holders. While you are not guaranteed to have a table in front of your seat, there are two major advantages of this ticket type: (1) you have a seat while General Admission ticket holders do not. (2) You can book as few or as many seated tickets as you like.
What is a Bottle Package?
Bottle Package tickets entitle the ticket holders to all General Admission amenities and the option to reserve a table in order to receive bottle service and in some cases (see your ticket details) cocktail service. The quantity of tickets and the quantity of bottles offered to your table depends on the package type you chose – please refer to the ticket details. Bottle Package ticket purchasers will receive speedy admission at the VIP door.
What is a VIP Access ticket?
At many nightlife events, the VIP areas are exclusive and will be monitored by security staff to prevent non-VIP ticket holders from accessing these areas. Ticket holders who purchase a VIP Access ticket (when offered) will receive a wristband that will permit them entrance and access to these VIP areas. They will be able to use the VIP areas, such as a VIP open bar or a special mezzanine, but will not be entitled to VIP seating.
What is a Late Admission ticket?
Some events offer an After 1 AM Admission Ticket. These are special tickets for individuals who want to arrive after 1 AM and benefit from the amenities of the event at a reduced price. They may be having a leisurely dinner or may wish to start their evening later than others. This is an ideal ticket for those who want to arrive late and stay until close. However, it is important to note that if you arrive before the time listed on your ticket, you will not gain admission. This ticket is only good from 1 AM until close. Entry is dependent upon capacity.

Table Service & Seating

What is banquet seating?
Banquet seating is generally what exists on cruise ships, in restaurants, and in produced events spaces like ballrooms, lofts, and other unique venues. The typical seating is usually chairs or stools around a large table. In the example of a Seated VIP ticket, you may be sitting by other groups of people. In the example of a Bottle Package ticket, you will be guaranteed a table, but depending on group size, you may be sharing your table with another group as well. For example, if the table has ten chairs and you are a group of six, there will be another group of four sat at your table to complete it.

Delivery Methods & Lost/Damaged Tickets

What if I lose my ticket?
Similar to a concert ticket or ticket to a Broadway show, your ticket is just like legal tender. If you lose it and have no idea where it may be, you have lost the monetary value of the ticket. In order to be admitted to the event you will need to purchase a new ticket. However, if you know where your ticket is, for example, it was mailed to you and you have traveled to the city where the event is being held and left your ticket home, you must purchase a replacement ticket, but when you get home, you can mail in the original ticket for a refund. If this happens, please call our customer service line at (212) 255-4233.
What if my ticket is damaged?
If the ticket is damaged, you should either send or bring the ticket back to CraveTickets at (call 212. 255.4233 for address) and request a replacement ticket. Do not try to submit a damaged ticket to the Ticket Takers on the night of the event.
If I do not pick up my ticket, will I still be charged on my credit card?
Similar to a concert ticket or ticket to a Broadway show, your non-refundable ticket, ordered online is charged to your credit card at the point of sale when you submit your order. It is the responsibility of the ticket purchaser to indicate delivery method which is either pick up or some sort of delivery: overnight courier service or messenger in the NYC area. If you select and pay for delivery, we will take responsibility to get your ticket to you. Once a doorman or other authorized person signs for your delivery you are fully responsible for the ticket and to bring it with you on the night of the event. All ticket purchasers who indicate pick up are agreeing that it is the individual ticket holder’s responsibility to arrive at our offices during the posted pick up times to take physical possession of the actual tickets. If a ticket holder for any reason chooses not to or fails to pick up his/her ticket, these tickets will not be refunded. The tickets will be held for pick up by CraveTickets until the night of the event. In emergency circumstances, we can arrange for a ticket to be held by the Event Manager the night of the event. If you have an emergency please call our customer service line at (212) 255-4233.
Can a friend pick up my ticket?
A friend can pick up your ticket if your credit card company allows others to pick up your purchase(s.) For example, American Express only allows the card holder to pick up merchandise. Check with your credit card company. If your credit card company allows others to pick up your purchase(s) then you need to submit a Third Party Pick-Up form through our website. You can select the Third Party Pick-Up option during the ticket purchase process or by clicking here: We will only release your tickets to the person you have authorized. The authorized person must present the credit card used at time of purchase and valid photo ID at the time of pick up. International orders and orders that exceed $1500 are not eligible for Third Party Pick-Up.
Can I change my ticket delivery method?
To change your order from pick up to shipping, there will be an additional $10 surcharge to change your delivery method. To change your order from pick up to shipping, please call our customer service line at (212) 255-4233.
If I already purchased my tickets and chose ‘two-day shipping’, where are my tickets?
Halloween ticket shipping does not begin until October. When you purchase tickets online and are prompted to choose a delivery method in the shopping cart, you will see that we have listed the shipping start date for you. At the end of the ticket purchase process you will be emailed an order confirmation which will also list the shipping start date. Shipments will be sent out on this day in accordance with your delivery method selected (Overnight or 2nd Day.) If you’d like to track your order, please click here:

Ticket Prices & Payment

Are tickets refundable?
Similar to a concert ticket or ticket to a Broadway show, your ticket is non-refundable and is charged to your credit card at the point of sale when you submit your order.
Why are ticket prices increasing?
When tickets are initially listed for sale, we price them at a discounted rate, similar to a concert or airline ticket. As more tickets are sold and we grow closer to the event, the demand for and prices of tickets rise. We always encourage our customers to purchase tickets in advance and take advantage of best prices.
If I purchased my ticket at one price and my friend goes to purchase the same ticket and price is higher, can they purchase their ticket at the same price that I did?
Tickets can only be purchased at the current price they are being sold for.


Is it better to come early?
A special effort has been made to have the doors open early in order to help move ticket holders through the line as quickly as possible. Your event may say that it runs from 10pm to 4am, but may also say doors open at 9pm. We highly recommend that you come early in order to avoid a later rush to get in. Check your ticket or the website in order to determine when the doors are opening.
Do I need photo ID for admission?
Yes. Be prepared to show photo ID. Be prepared to have to show ID even if you think you look your age. No one under 21 will be admitted to events that have a 21+ age requirement. Valid forms of photo ID include state of federal issued IDs. Your ID must be accepted by both the Liquor Authority of that state and the security of the venue.
Do I need to have my ticket for admission?
No one will be admitted without a ticket. If you have left your ticket at home, it is advisable to either return to your home, have a friend go by and get it or call us and alert us to the problem. You will need to buy a new ticket and after the event send the duplicate ticket to us and we will refund one ticket.
Is there re-entry into the venues?
All exits are final. Some venues provide an enclosed area outside for smoking, if needed.
If I cannot attend, can someone else go in my place?
The ticket purchaser is responsible for accepting the ticket upon delivery or picking the ticket up from our Ticket Pick-Up Center, depending on which delivery method you chose. A friend cannot sign for delivery or pick up the ticket for you. With the exception of a Bottle Package ticket, once the ticket has been signed for by the purchaser, you may offer it to a friend if you cannot attend. Upon arrival at the venue, a Bottle Package ticket purchaser will be prompted to sign a Table Release form, acknowledging that they have arrived and are signing for the release of their table/bottles. Only the Bottle package ticket purchaser will be able to sign the form while showing valid photo ID and the credit card used at the time of purchase.

Attire & Coat Check

How should I dress?
Halloween festive! Costumes are highly encouraged.
Will I be able to check my coat?
All venues have facilities for coat check. It is the policy of most venues that coats be checked prior to entering the venue. This is for safety purposes. There is typically a small charge to the coat check facility of approximately $5 per coat. Wear a light coat if weather is permitting. Make sure each member of your party keeps their coat check tickets in a safe place. Do not leave any valuables in your coat. As an online ticket service or event producer, the venue is responsible for coat check. We are not responsible for coat check or any claims you may have relating to a lost or damaged coat.
What is the price of coat check?
The price of coat check varies per location, but is estimated $5.

Food & Beverage (Open Bar & Bottle Service)

Will I be served dinner?
Dinner will not be served at your Halloween event. We suggest that groups wishing to have a dinner go out to a restaurant in the general area prior to the nightlife event. Since doors open at 9pm for most events, you may want to book an early dinner seating at a restaurant of your choice.
Are there restaurants nearby?
Yes. You will be able to find places to eat at any hour. Browse the internet for restaurants in the area you are visiting.
What is open bar?
Full open bar includes liquor, wine (red and white), beer (varied domestic and imports), drink mixers, soda and water. The cost of drinks is included in the price of your ticket for the specified time. Specific brands for open bars can vary depending on venues and sponsorship agreements. CraveTickets does not guarantee any specific brands will be available. Some events may only offer a vodka open bar.
What is bottle service?
Bottle service is a feature offered with our more premium Bottle Package tickets. The purchase of these premium tickets with bottle service includes a guaranteed table at the venue. Depending on the package chosen, you will receive an allotted amount of tickets and predetermined bottles of liquor with accompanying drink mixers are brought to your table by a server – please refer to ticket details for various packages. Bottle service is a great option for a more intimate party experience with your friends with the ability to make drinks as you wish at your table.
What is the table administration fee for bottle service and how does it work?
The table administration fee is a mandatory charge paid to the venue’s staff on the night of the event. It is NOT included in the ticket price. The table administration fee is either a flat fee per bottle or a percentage of the cost of the bottle (which varies between venues.)
What is the typical amount for the mandatory table administration fee?
A typical table administration fee ranges from $40 to $80 per bottle to your server depending on the venue. The etiquette and rules of bottle service require that you bring a credit card or cash to the event to pay for your table administration fee. The server will ask for the card or cash prior to authorizing your bottle set up. All venues have a rule that the table administration fee is mandatory and if the fee is not paid, the server and the establishment do not have to provide the bottles. If a customer refuses to pay the table administration fee they will not be entitled to any refund and will not be served with the complimentary bottles as per the ticket details for their event. However, they are always welcome to attend the open bar.
Can I purchase additional bottles at the venue?
If you have finished the allotted complimentary bottles that were included in your ticket price, your bottle server will be more than happy to show you a menu for an additional bottle purchase, prices will vary by venue.
Can I change the type of alcohol that is included in my Bottle Package?
The liquor included in each Bottle Package is predetermined. If you prefer a different type of liquor than what is included in your package, please call our customer service line at (212) 255-4233 to find out if bottle switches are available at your venue. Bottle switches are not guaranteed.


What kind of music is played?
Every event for Halloween features a live DJ set. The music for each event will be a mix of Hip Hop, House, Top 40 and 80s. There will be no special music orientation unless otherwise noted in the event details.


Will I be able to get a taxi?
While New York taxis will be out all through the night, it is highly recommended to explore other options as it may be more difficult to find an open taxi on Halloween night. We also suggest booking a car service or researching the nearest public transportation. You can always call the venue and where the closest subway and bus stops are located.
Will I be able to park my car?
Yes. Parking lots will be open. However, make sure you select a lot that does not close.


Why should I purchase tickets from this website?
Being the largest Halloween event production company in New York City and the country, you can be assured of our commitment to excellence. We have years of experience producing the best Halloween events and our number one goal is that you can enjoy this special night worry-free.
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